Monday, 10 March 2014

Luxury purse wallet flip case for iPhone 5 review

In this review I am going to break down both the positive and negative aspects of purchasing this designer ladies handmade phone case that’s produced from pure PU leather.

A few reasons why you should buy this phone case..

One of the main reasons why you should purchase this phone case is due to the fact it gives your phone maximum protection from falls, scrapes, dirt and dust in style, so when you want to sell your phone on the condition of your phone should be immaculate which means it should still hold it's value depending on how old the phone is.

Another very good benefit of purchasing this case is that unlike other phone cases this one has a very unique twist as its been designed not only to protect your valuable phone but to also hold slim and light items such as money, cards, and other needs in one of the 4 secure pockets it has.

Rather then having a plain phone that everyone has why not customise yours but not by getting a normal bling phone case, get this luxury one to stand out and brighten up your day even more. Not only will this case make your phone look and feel better but it will also add a little more value to it.

Also you can still use all the great features your phone has even when your case is on as there are well designed cut outs to make sure you have full access to using your phone, so you won't have any problems charging your phone or putting in headphones to listen to music while the case is on. 

It's very quick to install and remove this case whenever you want. During the process of installing or removing the case you will not damage your phone or case.

Because this case is produced from PU leather and not genuine leather, it's a budget luxury case that everyone can afford.


The only downfall of buying this case is that in time due to usage the diamonds may fall off but this isn't a problem as you can stick the diamonds back on with clear nail polish remover or just replace them.

This phone case is available in:
iphone 4
iphone 4s
iphone 5
iphone 5s
samsung s3 i9300
samsung s3 mini i8190
samsung s4 i9500